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and still it goes on !!!!!

ct scan showed i had 4mm kidney stone which they dont think is causing me a problem. im so fed up been living in violent pain in my thighs,knees,hips and groin for over 3 yrs now been seen by that many different people but still noone knows what is wrong with me im at my whits end been turned down for pip for the second time this week because i dont fit the critieria even though they said they recognise i have a disability .on my last visit to my gp he said he didnt know what to do next so he decided to go through previous years of problems and meds ive had and then he would decide who he would refer me to next, ive had an appointment to see a gynagologist 23rd december this is because my gp thinks the problem may be fro when i had my 3rd daughter 21 yrs ago and i had emergency c-section and also 3 yrs ago i had endometrotrial ablasion here we go again another route to take i hope they can find what is wrong with me im starting to loose the plot the pain is so serve every day i have no quaility of life told my hubby the other night dont know if i can do this any more its been on going for over 10 yrs i have fibro/me arthritis knees spine problem ibs myalgia parasethia to name but a few . sorry about the waffle and spelling but im not in a good place right now i need some answers thankyou for reading take care all joanne x

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Hi joed

I am so truly sorry that you are suffering and experiencing all of these issues without any resolution or relief. I can genuinely imagine just how frustrating and exasperating this must all be? Please hang in there and see what comes out of your next referral and any tests that accompany it.

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I sincerely hope that you can finally find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x



Sorry no answers just best wishes and hope you find something to help soon.


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