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Morning All

What a day yesterday went to follow-up appointment for my chest infection which has not cleared after takeing a couse of antibioticts. Iam so breathless and it feels like i got a big tight band round my chest soon as i am in doors i have to take my bra off as its so tight .so doctors says again its the fibro and gave my antiinflaimitres.[ Please excuse my spelling] Also asked about a lump on my arm which has been their since my fall 3 weeks ago. But just said its soft tissue ,No ist a hard lump. I also asked about the flu jab as i have had chest infections every f ew weeks which lasts for weeks and pick up everythink that is going around guess what, No i dont fit into the criteria and not over 65. I have high blood presure, high colestrol, fibro inflam artiritis, and on aspin, So what do i do. then on top off that my daughter called and asked if i wanted to go the factory shop so i went only out at 1 back at 3.30 put kettle on then noticed a big ladder in back garden standing again'st the fence.my daughter looked out of back gate. no one their .we rang all my hubby and sons to see if they had dropped them off .They didnt now anythink about them.spoke to next door and her hubby said he had seen a man carrying a ladder and went down the side of my house whichi am the end house so my daughter rang the police they did come out and as a small window was open think they were going to breake in but had been desibed. But as i often go my daughters and my hubby will pick me up on his way home and i wouldnt get in till 8 or nine.and all my daughters childrens presents are here. but it has put me in a right state pannicing to go out i was bad before but now will be worse as my home was my safe -haven .as the police think it is someone who has seen my going out with my daughter. MY children have been on at me for a long time to move but i have lived here 38 years i love my house if only i could pick it up and move it but i am begining to think their right. Sorry for going on a bit xx

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Hi fibro10

I am really sorry to read that all of this is happening to you, and it really must feel like you are going around in circles. I am at a loss as to why you do not fit the criteria for a flu jab? As you have chest problems? My doctors surgery offer flu jabs to anyone who has any kind of chest or respiratory issue. In fact, I had my flu jab today as I had to go to see my GP on a different matter.

The problem with anti-inflammatory drugs is that they can give you asthma attacks and breathing issues as many asthmatics are allergic to them. I would ask a doctor about this as they could be making you worse?

That must have been terrifying, the thought of somebody trying to break into your home. Do you kids visit you on a regular basis? As this could deter them? It may be an idea to inquire if the police will do a regular area surveillance in their cars? Quite often just having a police visibility is enough to deter crime?

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck and I sincerely hope that you start to feel better soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Ken

I think I should be able to have the flu jab as at he moment my chest is so tight have't

slept much all night. If its no better on Monday i am going to try to see another GP.

As for someone trying to break in Yes my family are always popping in but last night my son rang asking if i had read local paper but i had not been out and said i will get it today.

So he said don't want to worry you but in the paper a house was searched by police on our 4 house block and a man who has just come out of prison was arrested as a number of break ins in our area and items were found at the house on Saturday morning he has been given bail. So at the moment i am jumping up with every little sound it wrong when you don't feel safe in your own home. as my hubby leaves for work at 5.am and is not home until 6.30 -7 pm depending on motorway traffic i am getting so stressed with it all im checking every window and door twice its some think i could do without xx


Hi fibro10

I think it is awful as well that you are having to live with the fear and anxiety of this. I genuinely hope that whoever tried to break in is caught and put where they belong!

I hope that you start to feel better soon, but if you do see a different GP I would definitely ask again about a flu jab? Must admit, I feel a bit under the weather after having mine. I always have a couple of ''off'' days afterwards.

Take care

Ken x


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