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When u keep coming across hurdle after hurdle


The Tortuous Path

The Tortuous Path

I love the taste of pure water and I recently researched water purifiers to find the best one for my home. During my search, I ran across a method of water purification that struck me as a good explanation of why it is necessary for our lives to take the twists and turns they do.

What I discovered was something called the tortuous path method of purification. The process takes contaminated water and removes harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, chemicals and other impurities, while leaving in the essential minerals our bodies need — simply by creating a winding, complex path for the water to follow.

So when your life takes yet another difficult turn, and things seem to be moving slower than they should, remember what happens to contaminated water along the tortuous path. When I look at my own life and what has been absorbed and separated out along the way, I’m filled with gratitude for such a long and winding road.


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That was an inspiring post. Yes, I see what you mean, it is a metaphor for life and its difficulties. Thank you for sharing this.


Thank you, a very interesting and poignant post!

Al my hopes and dreams for you



Very interesting and a very optimistic way of looking at life's hurdles :)


Very inspiring, it is good to see the spiritual aspects of ones journey through life!


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