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Hips verses flare up?

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Ok so I've been diagnosed about a year and I'm learning lots fast. But I'm stuck with this one and need to pick your brains. How long does a flare up last? Or is it something else? For two days now I've had a deep seated pain in both hips. Deep in side the joint. It's worse when at rest sat or laid down and becomes bearable when up and moving. If it was as bad as when at rest I don't think I'd be able to walk. Am I flareing? Or do you think it's something else?

12 Replies
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I get really bad pain, worsens mobility in hips most days (amongst other areas). I'm not sure if it's hips, pelvis or both.


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teddybear7 in reply to jellynpain

Hi thanks. I have the usual constant won't go away pain. But this is really deep seated. Driving me to tears. Normally I can rest to feel better but this is the other way round.

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RayB in reply to teddybear7

Teddybear sounds muscular to me,,,it could be piriformis muscle,, it plays up a lot with me.

Magnesium is of benefit to me for this!

Best Wishes, Ray

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teddybear7 in reply to RayB

Thanks Ray x

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I have had fibro for over 18 years, and I know how difficult flares can be. I would have plans to do something, and instead of going to a wedding, I would be home in bed instead. You and your family have to learn to accept them or you will find yourself very depressed. I get a very bad flare each spring and fall. Usually, my fall flare starts mid-August and lasts 1-2 months. This year my flare came later and it lasted three weeks. But it came back one month later. Everyone's flares are different both timing-wise and length-wise. So many things can cause a flare; stress whether it is anxiety or excitement, another illness like the flu or an injury even a small one can push your regular symptoms to a flare level.

The vast majority of my pain is in my back, butt and hips. The activity that causes the most butt and hip pain is riding in a car. Even though I never go anywhere without a memory foam cushion, sitting for more than one hour in an office chair, restaurant booth, at a wedding, a movie will all cause me 2+ days in bed on ice. I have found that even though I stand on memory foam cushions in my kitchen, if a meal takes a long time to make, like a full hour of standing between the sink, counter and stove, then we eat and afterward if it takes me an hour to clean up the kitchen mess, I will pay the price the next day. If you haven't already started writing down what you do each day, including the time of each activity, along with how you feel each day, how long the pain lasts, where it is and the intensity, you should start right away. I hated doing it, but patterns emerged. I found out that if I shop at Target and make a quick stop at a store and do nothing else that day that I know will upset my body, I will probably be OK tomorrow. However, if I go to Wal-Mart, the extra steps of the large store and needing items at both ends, I know that I cannot do anything else that day. So either my sweet husband does some of the shopping for me, or I have to go into town twice a week if I need to shop at Target AND a grocery store. Writing this all down will really help you find what triggers pain and how long each trigger is likely to last. Regardless of what your doctor says or you read, every fibro-friend I have swears that changes in barometric pressure affects them. Unfortunately, you can't do anything about it, but...knowing there's going to be a change might tell you to back off on some of your activities.

When I have pain right in the joints, none of my heavy-duty meds help. What does help is good old Ibuprophen. I only take it with food, but cannot take the most effective amount for me because I notice that I am bruising easier than normal and I get broken little vessels in my legs. However, do not take ibuprophen if you are taking any other anti-inflammatory medications, and I think that if you have not been taking an anti-inflammatory medicine, you should first call your pharmacist or doctor to see if you can take it. My husband is a pharmacist and I am often surprised at the medicines that should not be taken with one another. If that doesn't help, try ice and then try heat on the areas. I do best with ice for fibromyalgia and bursitis, but heat for arthritis My Physical Therapist told me that everyone is different regarding which works better for them. I hope that this long answer gives you some help. Be good to yourself and never forget how important you are in the lives of your family and friends. When I've been stuck in bed for 3+ days, I start to lose perspective on that, so hang on. They love you and you deserve their love!

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Thanks for the long reply and taking so much time. My flares have been mainly in my back before and I've learnt the triggers so I can take time to ward it off now. It feels like it's realised I've got it sussed and changed it'sind to trick me. The only relief I'm getting from this one is to get up and move around. It's really doing my head in .x

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Hi teddybear7

II am so sorry to read of your pain at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. Sadly flare ups can last as long as they like! There is no given rule or time restriction on them, unfortunately.

However, what you have described could be attributed to many other medical conditions so it would probably be best to discuss this with your GP or Medical Specialist just to get other things ruled out of the equation. I want to wish you all the best of luck.

Al my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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I have this too, it's part of my day to day pain evening when I'm not in a flare, but that is of course different for everyone. No painkiller in the world touches it, but my MRI scan said I'm fit as a fiddle. I find heat helps a little with the pain, just enough to help me drop off to sleep, or make it slightly more bearable when sitting or lying down is the only option!

Feel better soon.

Karen x

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teddybear7 in reply to smartcarkaz

Thanks Karen.

I had the heat pad & hot water bottle & managed to get to sleep at 4.30. Just hope it does one soon. X

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Hi Teddybear, I have just had my fibro confirmed by a new consultant, I also have been having an issue with my hip/lower back and as you say this is a different pain to the fibro more deep and gnawing and so much worse at rest :-( my rheumy said he thinks it maybe more than fibro and could be my Sij joint but wants me to have an mri as my inflammation markers are up just to find out what is going on, I do take amitriptylin at night as a muscle relaxant and also gabapentin this also helps me sleep through without waking stiff and in pain also helped with restless legs, tramadol also works but does make me woozy! I hope u get some answers soon! Big healing hugs xx

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I think you need a referral to orthopedics hun

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Im in constant flare every day but heightened pain this week especially in my hips the pain is unbearable i cant move take care joanne x

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