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wow never thought my post would get this much interest so glad I now asked the question ........ today called british gas whom I buy both

my gas and electric from to be told that my household income is to much to get a fuel payment , it seems as my husband works and earns over 16k a year I cant claim anything , was worth a phone call I guess but thanks for all your replies warm hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi jane59

I am really sorry to read that you cannot get a fuel allowance payment. However, it was worth ringing to find out!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hello jane59, I also get both my gas and electric from British Gas, and I do get the fuel payment, which is only payable for the electric, nothing for the gas. As you are ill have you registered as a vulnerable user, due to your medical conditions.

On a lighter note, do you have a nectar card? If you have register it with the gas board, and get nectar points for being a gas and electric customer and dual fuel, you get points every month, and if you have any service contracts with them, they get nectar points too.

Also if you do any shopping on line, go to nectar website and register your card, then when you shop go via the nectar pages and then get points for shopping through them, to the company you want,

Sorry you did note qualify, but the actual period for qualifying closed a good while ago, ttfn


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