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Swollen veins on head.


Hi, I wonder if any one can help because my GP said she doesn't know what the lump of swollen veins is. The lump started off quite small and grew within a couple of weeks and is now the size of a pound coin. My GP said that there is also a prominent vein going up the back of my ear. The lump is at the bottom of my scull, behind the right ear. Any ideas what this could be?

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No! Your GP should be referred you = perhaps to a neurologist.

I agree, a second opinion is in order. x

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Definitely need a second opinion. Or a trip to A&E if it doesn't settle.

I would echo what everyone else has said - either an urgent referral or if it is really worrying you a trip to A&E wouldn't go amiss !

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way and take care of you :-)

Foggy x

Thank you for the replies, I will ask for a referral.x



I had have a lump on the side of my skull dr sent me straight to Skin Clinic

did not know it was skin cancer clinic luckily it benign get it checked asap

Best Wishes

Elaine, Dr's usually have an idea if something is serious but I would want a definite diagnosis.

It could be that there might be a we blockage or something like that partially occluding the vein , I would go back and say I wanted want to know what it is for my own piece of mind. You might find he will say just go to casualty if your really worried about it and he is not.


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Thank you RayB.x

Hi ElaineB53

I agree totally with the others as a referral would be the best thing. If your conditions deteriorate in the interim I would not hesitate to visit A&E while you are waiting.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Thank you ken. x


Do not panic and think they are all your problems probably not any of them. It could be varicas viens that are easily treated. But I would ask for a referral to some one.

Be Well

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Thank you I will check it out.x

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