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Thanks everyone

I already said ty but can't find where it went I do suffer with a lot of pain restless legs chest pain back pain pain in both legs pain that burns though my whole body yes it's been hard with my daughter especially she hadn't slept probably since she was 4 months some nights I'd stay up all night with her and fatigue is unbelievable I had mri for chest and it found nothing I felt so small but with people like u on this site life becomes bareable and I would do it again for my daughter she's my world just wish someone somewhere could find a solution to this horrible dieaase I did nothing to no one just was enjoying my kids and life then bang out the blue this happen they say caused by stress but I belive too it's in ur body waiting ty everyone for ur kind thoughts and remarks plz ever one try stay smiling xx

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Hi connie

I am so sorry to read that you are really struggling like this but hopefully this site will help you to help yourself on both the good and the bad days.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Connie, I feel your pain. It is a horrible condition. I know that I have reversed mine with some pretty intense dietary changes. Read The Paleo Approach (available at the library) for more/ much info. It also sounds like you have excess fibrin, there is an enzyme you can take for that. It is a common problem with fibro sufferers. Just make sure to check with a doctor that you trust before attempting any of these things on your own.


So sorry sweetheart!!! You are in my thoughts and prayer's. Please go to a pain clinic, as they maybe able to help you. Praying this helps honey!!! xxx Mitzi


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