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Good morning everyone,

Haven't been well the last week or so in fact very poorly. I put it down to my fibro and ME. Just back from Dr's with diagnoses of Pleurisy. Has anyone had this as well as fibro ext? It is Soooo painful my meds haven't touched it. How long has it lasted with you? And has it come back at all?


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I do sympathise with you. I know this is so painful, for me the worst effects lasted several days then slowly recovered over a few weeks, you must take good care of yourself if possible rest completely. I do hope you feel much better very soon XX Lou

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Thank you Lou60, hopefully most of pain is now slowly going but I feel a wreck


HI Ali, Oh poor you! Pleurisy is so very painful, excruciating I would say after the experience I had with mine! I could"nt even open the Fridge door, lift a kettle or lay on the lung that as effected! You obviously know its inflammation of the Pleural lining of your lungs & unfortunately can take a couple of weeks for the pain to subside! I would advise you to rest as much as you possibly can, as this does help!

Be kind to yourself & pamper yourself as Pleurisy usually goes alongside a Lung Infection & sometimes you don"t get any relief until you have finished the course of Antiobiotics but you have probably been prescribed Anti-inflammatory Medication, this does start to relieve the pain & discomfort after a few days!

Unfortunately for me it did return, that is why I would advise you to stay in doors if you possibly can, especially when the cold weather kicks in as it hurts when you breath in cold air too. Also try not to lift any thing as this also aggravates Pleurisy.

I sincerely hope/pray you will start to feel better very soon?

Sending lots of positive, healing, soothing vibes your way Ali.

In my thoughts & prayers

(((Gentle Hugs)))

Lynn X

I am so very sorry to hear that you have pleurisy. I believe recovery time depends on many factors, and as lou said, it is very important to rest and take care of yourself. Oh yeah, get family and friends to take care of stuff so you don't have to move around a lot.

I was a respiratory therapist for 24 years. A pleural effusion (inflammatory fluid that causes pleurisy) can be due to multiple causes. Probably the most common and least serious results from a virul or bacterial infection in the area of the lungs.

The pleural space is made up of the tissue surrounding the lungs and the tissue surrounding the ribcage. In order to keep these from rubbing painfully together and causing tearing, there is a lubricating fluid in the space.

When you get pleurisy, the inflammation decreases or destroys this lubricant and causes severe pain. If the inflammation is large enough, it is a "pleural rub" and that is what causes the pain.How fast it clears up depends on the cause, the location of the effusion, the treatment, your immune system, your state of health. (I don't know how FM plays a part in this)

It helps to get to the doctor as soon as the pain is experienced so it can be treated before it develops worsening. Anyway, I am not a doctor and I can only give you my understanding.

Please be upfront with your doctor and make sure you are given enough information to know how long you can at least expect/hope this to take to resolve.

Love and many huggz to you. Clare

Hi aliboo

I am so sorry to read that you have Pleurisy, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better really soon. I have never had this myself but from what I have read it sounds awful.

Please try and get some rest and I hope that your medications start to work for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thank you everyone with your kind words and information.

What next! Lol

Ali x

Hi..... Sorry to hear that you are suffering from Pleurisy, I had this along with pneumonia around 2006/7 - just after I was diagnosed with Fibro....But I now know that in fact I was and am suffering from Lupus-and pleurisy/pneumonia are sometimes a symptom of this. May be an idea to ask you GP if you have been thoroughly checked out for Lupus-are you see a Rhuemy? And if so has he ruled Lupus out?? Hoping you feel better soon :-)

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Thank you bam1993 that's realy interesting, will talk to gp about this next appointment.


I have had pleurisy a number of times and it is not a nice thing to have sometimes it feels like a pebble wobbling in the lung. I have Restrictive lung disease with pulmonary fibrosis plus a few other problems I wish you well and try and up your fluid intake.

Be Well

I get it from time to time, to me it's just another one of those tender points only it hurts to breath cough sneeze etc.... Hope you feel better very soon. xxx Mitzi

Hi, I have fibromyalgia, asthma. Copd. And.lupus. I know exactly what you are going through. I have been off work for 2 weeks. fingers crossed I will be going back on Monday. they say it could take anything up to 1 month or longer to get better, everyone is different in healing. I have had enough now.

I know this is an old thread but I had pleurisy twice over twenty years ago. When I say twice, it was probably the same bout flaring up again. The pain was excrutiating. It followed a bad chest infection and cough and lying down was really painful. I think it was that that triggered my fibromyalgia and not the other way round. But I am wondering about the lupus connection. Having said that the rheumy who disagnosed FM said he didn't think it was lupus though not sure how he could say this with certainty and not sure what would show up in the blood tests anyway

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