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Lights Out WW1

Lights Out WW1

I lit my candle, put the lights out, put on BBC2s memorial service and the chaos began. One cat squealing and scratching the door, the other filling the litter tray, my hamster spinning in his wheel at 100 miles per hour and then the phone rang. I may not have children, but the my furry kids (and my wife who called) are more than enough for me to handle!

Here's a picture of the furry beasts during quieter times...

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Hi smartcarkaz

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? There is a word for this? Typical! Yes, that's the correct word! I had lit my candle and waited then my phone keeps going off telling me I have texts! (didn't half make me jump!). Then my wife wants another cup of tea! Then my cockatiels start squawking! They want some millet.

This is life though, isn't it? Our memories and prayers are for those who gave their lives so we would know peace, liberty, freedom and love.

All my hopes and dreams for you and your wife.

Ken x x


Modern technology and modern pets have taken over our lives! They're all curled up fast asleep now, of course!! xx


Typical :P

Fantastic story Kaz and I understand it soooooooooo well LOLOL

Furry kids as I call them are excellent therapy for the soul and make great friends no matter how small :)

I have 5 Roborwski hamsters, (they are my kids as I chose not to have any as my health was getting worse) and sometimes they run 100mph at the same time whilst loop- de- looping simultaneously :D :D :D

I didn't have a candle so just switched out the lights instantly.............. they all came out to play........... one was crunching a 'hamster sandwich' treat...... inappropriately named I think! LOL

2 were on the wheels, 1 was gnawing his seed stick which bangs of the side of the tank and the other was rattling his bottle of the side of the tank

You weren't alone during the WW1 memorial :)

Wishing you wellness and sending you Fluffies with sunshine and smiles :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


I live by the sea and went to the local evening service at the memorial gardens. A torchlight procession preceded the service. This involved a lone piper much to the consternation of the local seagulls. They appeared noisily in full force and perched themselves on roofs around the area. A hymn was sung followed by a prayer during which, a very small child in the crowd decided to do a solo much to the embarrassment of her Mum! The sound system was obviously faulty and screeched bringing about, yet again, the wrath of our gulls plus other feathered friends. It really was like a scene out of Mr. Hitchcocks famous film at times. I'm sure that those we were there to remember would have been looking down with a smile. X.


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