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Dreaded pain is back

On day number 4 but It was good while it lasted, I have not had this amount

of good days in ages, well all good things as they say, my pain is increasing and

I am aching like hell, sure I will be back to struggling tonight. Lol.

I started a diary 6 months ago and with the brain fog I forget to write in it lol

Thank you for all your comments.

Take are of you and yours hugs x

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but at least you now know you can have good days, they can give you hope that you will have more again. :)


Hi tracypom

I am so sorry to read that and I feel your pain and sadness with you. It is times like this that I always say to members to keep a diary for your records so you know exactly what is happening for you for when you see your doctor? i find it really helps explain things?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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