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hello fellow fibro buddies,

a quick question; since having fibro do any of you have an "over reaction" to caffine stimulant please? ive been drinking decaff tea (im a tea-a-holic) for about 2 years now, but today I made the mistake of having a can of cola and within an hour I was shakey and feeling sick. gotta a banging headache too :(

was just curious if fibro linked or just me being odd again ! lol. thankyou.

big hugs to all x

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I was advised that avoiding caffeine would help with the disturbed sleep and the boom and bust energy from stimulants. Winter warm drinks the switch onto herbal teas did nothing for the craving for strong tasting coffee, fortunately the desperation for sleep won out over my caffeine craving that had to wake me from the half asleep state.

Vertigo, migraine headaches and the shaky feeling were all part of going cold turkey on my mugs of coffee so I would think the symptoms were linked even though I was in denial for some time with the idea that one coffee on a morning would wake me and clear the fybro fog some hope.


Oh no not odd I avoid caffeine but when I have a coffee with caffeine I get Hart palpitations hot and shakes it to do with the caffeine not fibro I'm sure take care angela


Hi - From what I have heard it is not only us fibromites that have this particular response to caffeine. I was not sleeping at all and I mean not at all but since I have come off drugs with codeine and caffeine in them and gone onto other ones not containing these and have switched from cola drinks to lemonade and onto decaff coffee I have been getting a few hours a night. I accidentally drank my husband's coffee the other day and couldn't understand why my tummy was awful about half an hour afterwards until he said "that coffee you made me tasted funny" and I realised I had got the mugs mixed up. Probably all that sugar they put in the cola didn't do you any good either. Hope you are feeling better nowx


Hi there, i use cola or other fizzie drinks to keep awake during day, sometimes has that affect if i drink it when too tired. I dont drink tea or coffee.


Hi caninecrazy

I hope that you are feeling well today? I personally do not have any issue with caffeine consumption whatsoever. However, many medications can have interactions with caffeine, so I have pasted a link to below that lists many of the common medications that can have interactions with caffeine:

I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you are looking for.

Ken x


thankyou everyone for your advice...I started to feel better once I managed to get home. I was at work and had drunk all my sugar free blackcurrant, I cant drink water as it makes me gag. it was cola or nothing.

took a long while for the shaking and heart racing to ease so needless to say I wont be drinking cola again!

today im taking 2 bottles of blackcurrant to ensure I quench my thirst properly.

may also been that I stayed for 7 hours rather than 2 as a lot needed to be done, I hadn't eaten since 6am so may been a combo of all this, im paying for it now as body pain is immense, hope it eases by 2pm as work until 7pm. need the money so will have to ignore my body x


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