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severe thigh pain !

would love to chat to some one who experiencing the same or simular symtoms as me as i am at my whits end so scarred of what the future holds i dont seem to have a fibro flare as im in constant pain all day everyday and this has been going on for moths with no let up my pain is mainly in my thighs,hip ,groin and knees the pain is unbearable deep in my thigh muscle and bone i dont know what to do anymore i just cry all the time would love to chat to anyone who is going through this as i feel people dont understand me and what its like to live in violent pain every day of your life i would love for anyone to try and tell me this condition is in our heads so wish a cure could be found t ake care all joanne x

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Hello Joanne, Do you have restless leg syndrome? I know that when you read about it, it tells you about the tingling and buzzing sensations. it also tells you that this is a night time thing. but without my tablets I get it all day every day. I once tried to convince a neurologist that it was NOT worse at night, I gave up .

I also got deep pains in my thigh muscles and it felt like it was also in my bones.

All of these symptoms eased after I started on a Dopamine tablet called Ropinerole. I still get it when I forget my tablets. Only tale 1ml in 2 doses lunch time and night. the recomenation is to take them at night but i found the they were wearing off too soon.

I may be wrong but have a word with your doctor and see what they think.

I hope that you get it sorted soon . hugs sue xx


These are the symptoms I have all the time. I had to change doctor three times before I found one who listened to me and accepted what I was saying. He changed my medication to Duloxetine a year ago. I still get the pain if I overdo things, but for the most part nowadays it is bearable unless I forget my tablets each morning. The return of the thigh pain soon reminds me to take them.

As Mayrose54 says it is best to talk to your doctor, explain the symptoms and ask what he/she advises to help you.

I hope your doctor is one who listens and understands, and that you get the pain under control soon.

Good luck

Em x


Hi, I Hope you are feeling better and I just wondered how you got on with Duloxetine? I have tried most antidepressants and Tricyclics and so on and am now out of options except Dulox. After all the side effects I experienced on the others I am reluctant to try it. Any info you could give me would be great. :o)


hi ive tried most meds i was on duloxatine but i didnt like side effects dry mouth headaches and restless legs so i stopped them im seeing my gp tomorrow to see whats next as i had alidocaine infusion last week and that didnt work either :(


I am getting along fine with Duloxetine. I initially had a few side effects, but they settled down within a few weeks and now I wouldn't be without them, as they are the only thing that has had any effect on the thigh pain, which for me feels as though I have something akin to toothache deep in my thighs. They also help a lot with the groin pain.

As all drugs affect people in different ways, I suggest asking your doctor if they would be suitable for you to try would be your best course of action. You could start on the low dosage and if you find it OK, your doc could raise the level.

Good luck

Em x


Hi joed

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in pain and feel so helpless, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution to this problem. I have exactly the same pain, however, when my GP sent me for an MRI it turns out that I have damage to my sciatic nerve.

My physio is convinced that this is what I am feeling all the time down my right side, and not my Fibro or my (lack) coccyx? I have been given very gentle exercises to do for this, but so far they are not helping at all?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this issue and it would be a really good idea to discuss this with your GP.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


hi Joanne,

ive been diagnosed with sciatica having similar simptoms. it used to go away in one/two weeks time and i wasn't careful enough... and now i regret not looking for help when stated to get those pains.

speak to your gp please.

take care.



I have lots of different medical conditions, fibro been one of them. I currently take over 20 tablets a day plus drops and creams as well. Before all this came on I was a fit P.E teacher, teaching all day long then football coaching at weekends. For the last 41/2 years I have steadily become more disabled. The worst pain I have is in my legs I take pregablin ( lyrica ) and without it I'm in agony. I am on the highest dose but it is brilliant for me. Speak to your gp what suits one dosnt suit all of us.

Wishing you all the best


I have the same sweetheart, I had to go to a pain clinic. Now my life is bearable. Hope you try it as I know how bad it hurts!!! xxx Mitzi


Hiya Joed,

I have the same pain areas as you. Sometimes I feel as if a very sharp knife is cutting down my thighs. I also have pains in my knees and feet. UnfortuNtely, this means I cannot walk very far or stand for more than a minute as it's agony!

I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. I moved area nearly a year ago, and have been very lucky, as my GP is lovely and very knowledgeable and sympathetic to the condition. She referred me to the pain clinic, who have been brilliant! I'm on pregablin as well, and at least I feel I am getting restorative sleep. They are tweKing my meds, as they say I should not be in as much pain as I am when standing! So we shall see. Sorry, I have rabbits on a bit. But in answer to your question, yes I do have similar pain areas. I think I have got worse over the yeR and a half too. I know us a stick and a buggy when out. Fortunately most of the time I am very positive and try to think of ways round the things I cannot do/ refuse to be beaten on.

Good Luck with your search. Hope you have a understanding GP who is also knowledgeable too!. X


Little Freckle

I'm getting on fine now with Duloxetine. When I first started them they kept me awake at night, gave me headaches and made me nauseous. Now I make sure I take them in the morning, but also eat a banana first before taking them, and most side effects have now dissipated. They do give me a dry mouth, but I consider that a small price to pay to get the thigh pain under control, as it was so bad prior to the Duloxetine that I was in tears. When they are wearing off the pain starts to niggle again, but they do last 24 hours, so when the pain begins it is usually time to take them again.

I am very anti drug, wouldn't take anything until I got FMS & CFS. I am also intolerant of practically everything given to me, and I know my previous doctor was getting fed up of me. I had already tried and given up on Sertralin, Amitryptiline, Nortryptaline, Pregabalin, Gabapentin, Tramadol & Kapake before being given Duloxetine.

However what suits one person may not suit another. Duloxetine is the right thing for me and my pain, but your doctor is the best one to advise.

I wish you well in your quest to find something that works well for you. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me.

Em x


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