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Dose anyone suffer sharp- stabbing - shooting pains in right side of head


Hi All Has anyone had have been getting sharp-stabbing-shooting pains in the right side of my head and down my eye all evening. And why do I keep getting one thing after another Last month I found out I had gallstones and cysts on gallbladder and cysts on liver which iv got to have removed. And was not feeling to good the past few days woke this morning my neck felt like it had two tennis balls under the skin no soreness just very swollen daughter came as I opened the door said O MY GOD what has happened to you have you rang GP when my GP rang me back I told her she said come right away she said sorry its glandreafever had to have more bloods done right away. sorry about spelling I look like I have no neck and now these pains in my head when will it stop . Sorry for the moan

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Hi fibro10

OMG! I am so sorry to read that this is happening to you, I bet it feels like one thing after another at the moment? Did your GP give you anything for the glandular-fever? I have pasted you the NHS Choices link to this below, I have read it and you really do have my full sympathy!

As for the pains in the right side of your head and down your eye, I am not really sure it could so many different things? My wife has something similar and her Specialist says it is nothing to do with her MS but it is Neuralgia, so I have pasted the NHS Choices link for this as well, in case it sounds familiar to you?

I want to wish you all the best of luck, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Thanks ken for your reply. No they don't give you any think for it just rest. Sssooo tied haven't cannot sleep doctore has said I have to cancel hydro for a few months Hope your day is good to you xx ju

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I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon, as it sounds thoroughly unpleasant!

Take care

Ken x

Morning has it settled down know? Have you had your head and eyes looked at recently if not do get yourself and referral to the eye section of your local hospital.

I hope your day to day is more gentle for you.


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Hi gins Thank you for your reply. Had a eye test few weeks ago for same thing the opti sent a letter to doc but no its still their its like someone stabbing the right side of my scull and shoots down behind my eye wish you a good day xx ju

yes this is a common problem with me; its known as trigmanal Nueralgia not sure about my spelling ? but I have had this problem for some years; the treatment is as migraine; you will need to get a prescription; su

Poor thing, hope you feel better soon. Yes glandular fever is one of the triggers for ME / CFS. and probably fibro as well.

Sometimes gentle massage can help. Be king to yourself.

Wow, I have had really horrible head aches like that and I took high powered med's and still had to go to the Urgent care clinic. They gave me a shot and finally I had relief. Not sure what's going on with your neck sweetheart. Hope you get it taken care of. Can't imagine the pain from all that!!! Let me know how you are doing. xxxx Mitzi

Hi All Thank you for all you lovely messages yesterday. I was worried as the pains got very bad but I was at my daughter. I still have it today so waiting for call back off GP they will be sick of seeing me lately. as if its not one thing its another Hope your day is good to you xx ju

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