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Fed up

God what a fortnight, an abcess, 2 water infections and now a cold. Fed up to say the least. Fibro is playing up as well. Also at 58 thought i was over the hot flushes, but having 1 or 2 now and again. Can't sleep, restless legs, can't breathe for the cold. Forgotten to take my meds, all of them that is, blood pressure, Metaformin and everything else. Just feel like sleeping at mo, so tired.

also wondering whether to start on PIP claim, as i know my DLA is up for PIP next year, would it be worth starting the claim and would it affect my DLA that i get now, i only get care component.

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Hello I am sorry that you are suffering like this. You don`t say what meds you are on for fibro.

so it is difficult to know if you are getting the right tablets. For instance are you taking anything to help with sleep. or to help with restless legs. I take Ropinerole for RLS . they don`t suit every one but I wouldn`t be without the The hot sweats may be down to the fact that our thermostats don`t work very well. though I only tend to get them when my IBS plays up.

It may just be the cold and the infections that are making things worse. but would not be a bad idea to see your doctor for a medication review.

I am not sure what would be best. To apply for PIP or wait a while longer. that is a question that the CAB could help you with when you are feeling better, which I hope will be soon.

Gentle healing hugs sue xx


Hi lindamorgan

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so poorly at the moment, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon.

My wife's DLA is up for renewal in September (she has MS), and she received a letter a few months ago telling her to prepare for PIP. She had to ring them and have a few questions over the phone (basic details) and then they sent her out a form which I filled in and it had to be returned by a set date (30 days after date on form).

I would think that they will also do this in your case, and contact you when they are ready to reassess you for the change over? It may be worth ringing them to check?

I have pasted the GOV.UK web page for 'how to claim PIP' below, it has all the information on it and their phone number:

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

Ken x


Geez sweetheart, I hope you start feeling better. I'd start asap. XXX Mitzi


Hi, like mayrose I take Ropinerole for Restless Legs, GP told me it would eventually stop working, but hey, whilst its works its great. Plus I get sleepy within an hour of taking, so off to bed for a couple of hrs sleep before the usual once an hour wake up but at least I can get a few good hours, still wake up a bit groggy and it takes about 2 hrs for morning meds to kick in. I do get hot and am now past the good old hot flushes, but as been said, our inner thermometers cease working effectively. I use a dosset box, one of those long pill boxes with days of the week, so that in the morning I find out what day it is, helps, and I can count by the amount of pills left if I've taken them, tho usually take them with meals and at night.

Sorry cant help with DLA as I dont get it, and they've taken all my ESA cos of my occupational pension.

Whatever you do with the DLA/PIP just remember to tell it like its a bad day not a good one, and there are websites out there to help you with the scoring aspect to make sure you score the max points available.

Hope this helps, hugs to you x


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