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I'm a cook in a big restaurant and i work on the grill and at times I have to rush into the cooler to get something. Is that bad?

When I work on the grill I get really hot and when I go into the cooler it's like freezing. I've been experiencing some shoulder problems and I was wondering if it could be because I'm going from really hot temperatures to really cold temperatures.

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Morning Braulio nice to meet you. So you move from very hot to blasting cold. I think you do not stay very long in the cold probably not long enough for it to penetrate through your skin.

Your skin is the best first class barrier and our mechanism for protecting our selves. It is more likely you injured your shoulder at sport or leisure activities.

Hope this helps



Hi Braulio 21, I was wondering what shoulder and if is the one you use more for cooking. Not sure on temperature,sorry.


Hi Braulio21

It is wonderful to meet you and welcome to the forum. I genuinely hope that you find it useful and beneficial. I am not a doctor or a physiotherapist, but just going from one to another and back again is a bit quick to have an effect on you I would have thought? However, I could be wrong?

I think you should really discuss this issue with your GP to find out what is causing the problem, and then your GP could rule other things out for you?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.



I get the hot and cold flashes

too with the hot and cold weather

but when I'm having a flare

The hot sweats are worse.


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