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PIP Citizens Advice guide to points system

PIP Citizens Advice guide to points system

Perhaps people know about this web site, and know it may be a chore or difficult to concentrate on but here is the address.


I really hope this can help some to know how their points system works. I have to confess that it made my head buzz, not sure what is going to happen in the future as mine won't change just yet.

I think that as it was with DLA, PIP must be about being able or rather not able to complete tasks to the degree someone who is able bodied can, in a comparable time, without pain,safely, ie without falling or cutting yourself etc, and if necessary repeatedly, also taking into account their age, by taking into account that someone the same age can do the task/s effortlessly without pain and fatigue.

Qualifying for DLA/PIP, is not about giving them the letter from your doctor or specialist confirming your diagnosis, these benefits are in place because potentially but not in all cases, the person with Fibromyalgia can no longer work, has to work greatly reduced hours, has to change jobs to something less stressful, therefor their monthly income and daily life is suffering as a result.

Love to every one today suffering because of assessments,tribunals etc. remember what your life was like pre-fibromyalgia, what you were able to accomplish without worrying about the toll on your body, and use that when filling in forms, going to tribunals or having a physical assessment, don't hold back anything even if it's embarrassing, you are the one who has to live with them, tell them what it is like.

This will bring into focus what all your limitations are, use them all, DONT ASSUME that the person you are seeing knows about your condition, they need to know your story.

Kind regards to all 1.

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Thank you 1hope, I've found this encouraging and useful and will look at the website with my partner to help me concentrate, going to start looking into applying for pip but not sure where to start or how it works, hopefully the website will point me in the right direction. :-) Jess x


Hello jess I found that the CAB are very good when it comes to filling in forms , they ask you things that you would not otherwise

think of. My hubby and I never try to fill the blessed things in ourselves. We always take them to an advisor to do it. Hugs sue xx


Hi 1Hope

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? I was aware of this but I am sure that many other members were not, so a big thank you for this!

Al my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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