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Pain clinic appointment has turned into lower back pain clinic appointment!

And I have no idea why!! Was waiting for the pain clinic appointment to come through and instead have a lower back pain clinic appointment. Came through the post a few days ago, mentioning that this was an assessment only. Then goes on about injections for another time. Slightly concerned about that part.

If anyone knows anything about a Mr AJ Bowden at Treliske hospital, please share. :)


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might be an idea to ring the number on the letter if you are concerned it's the wrong app't.


Normally I would do that Hamble, but don't want them to cancel it and give me nothing else. This one has been quite quick, I doubt a second would be.


When I first went to the pain clinic they gave me med's but also tried a nerve blocker. It wasn't to bad, but it didn't work for me. Hang in there. Hopefully they'll find what work's for you. XXX Mitzi


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