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A quick bit about my stay in hospital

Hi all

After a week the menu gets a bit thin as it is the same menu for lunch and supper, so I could have savoury mince for lunch and cottage pie for supper. The menu was a bit thin when you found out the palatable ones.

Some patients were saying the fish and chips were really good, (I knew they were really ill) my experience of the fish and chips was totally different to theirs, the fish was covered in this soggy batter and when the fish was picked up the chips came up also, they seemed to be joined by some soggy glue where they were all stuck together and the art of prying them apart was an art form I do not posses (and to be truthful I had no desire to find out what they actually tasted like)

The mushy peas on the other hand were excellent although they were described as garden peas and the fish when it had its coating removed was fairly tasty although all I could say would be a white fish, not Cod and definitely not Haddock.

The food when I found the good stuff it was quite good, the Chilli, sweet & sour, mac cheese were all fair so I will not complain.

I was to ill to start with and just ate whatever I had ordered with no thought to the taste of the food. I did not even get bored as the first few days seemed like a barrage of tests and then when I started to get better I had a couple of books on the iPad and when I finished them I had a real book to read, one of my favourite authors Jeffery Deaver and the Twelfth Card, a Lincoln Rhyme story unfortunately that I have already read, but easy to read on the second outing.

I did find out that instead of giving out the stockings to long term patients they give you an injection in the tummy with anticoagulants as a way of combatting DVT which I must admit I preferred as those stocking were horrendous to have on, they itched and I never seemed to be able to sleep with them on.

I only had the Two Cannulas while there, the first I had for five days and the second for the rest of the time so that was a bit of a result.

Anyway that is me waffling about my stay in hospital. I can only say I had a pneumonia with an infection and hopefully when I next go back the infection will have cleared or I shall be getting a camera down into my lung and getting a bit of a wash and a biopsy taken which is not something I am looking forward to.

Take care all and the kindest of regards


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The fish might have been pollock, but glad the rest of the food was ok - tee hee :D naughty , me! :)

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I am so pleased that you are on the mend my friend! I know exactly what you mean about the food. The last time I was in i got the special (he's got allergies) menu, and it was grotty!

Take care my friend



Morning Terry,

Glad you have survived and come out the other side with your sense of humor in tact. You had a lot of people very worried in deed. Sounds like the fish met a watery grave not good or was it just battered into extinction? How can people actually fail at cooking a humble chip hmmm positively appalling

I am really glad to see you back :) take care and keep up the recovery! hugs xxgins


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Glad you are back Terry and on the mend. :)

I once chose baked potato with cheese and salad. What I got was one small very shrivelled baked potato. Nothing else. No cheese. No salad. Just this tiny potato in the centre of a big dinner plate . Hubby was disgusted and had to go and buy me sandwiches from the canteen. :(

Worst hospital I have been in and the best thing they did was pull it down. :D

hugs terry keep getting better, sue xx


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