Severe spasms

getting severe spasms in head, back of throat which goes down neck across shoulder, down arms with severe pain, tingling, pin and needles, get tingling, pin and needles in face, lips, arms, legs, had nerve testing done and was told i have hyperreflexia, had more nerve testing done and blood tests, was told they will do a lumbar puncuture, spasms are 24/7 are advice would be great.

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  • Hi josie46

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices web page relating to Dystonia, so I genuinely hope that you find this useful:

    This really sounds like a very debilitating and exhausting condition so I want to wish you all the best. The Lumbar puncture will be able to tell them quite a lot of things, and hopefully bring you some relief.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I'm so sorry sweetheart!!! I have so much pain in my head, shoulders, and neck. I went to a pain clinic and was put on Opana ER it saved my life and made it bearable. Praying you get some relief. If you need to chat I'm here you you!!! xxxx Mitzi

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