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Hi everyone I was having a really bad day the other day and am in denial of my fibro beacause it doesnt make sense. well the other day at work i had to accept it because i felt like i couldnt pull my weight and do the jobs that i used to do. and i felt like such a cop out and such a slacker. even though my work friends ( colleagues) know me well and totally understand and are great.and of course i wasnt slacking i was looking after myself so i wouldnt be off work for days after, anyway to cut along story short i came on here upset. the responses and support i got from everyone was really great and kind. I just want to say thankyou. you know who you are. Thankyou for helping me fell better when I needed it most.

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  • Please do not worry my friend, we are all in this together and we are all here for one another!

    All that matters is how you are feeling now, and I hope that you feel great!

    Take care


  • good to hear from you! :) I echo everything Ken has said.

  • Hello Decluttering,

    Glad to hear you're feeling better & the support you received helped you through a difficult time.

    Sending strength to you, the path to acceptance is something we all go through and we understand. What you are feeling is natural and with a combined approach you may be able to work towards controlling the symptoms. With time it should hopefully start to feel better and I know it doesn't seem like that now but we're here on your journey.

    Please feel free to come here to talk as we are happy to help as best we can

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Glad to help sweetheart, anytime you need it!!! Hope you are feeling better!!! xxxxx Mitzi

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