Totally confused major changes and pain please help!!

OK guys my turn to rant OK sorry.I'm so confused about the new symptoms that I'm have ng this is a he worst started Friday night and boy what a headache and then came the facial pain neck pain and now that I've been awake for the last 26hrs strait with no sleep I'm really confused. I just took a motrin for I'm still not seen a doctor for meds my appointment is changed to Wednesday and when I go to the medicentre they give me pills and send me on my way my face and neck hurts so bad I don't know what to do and the pain in my head for els aweful if only I could get some pressure relief as that's how it feels very you think another motrin would hurt!!please tell me other s of you out in fibro world experience this not that I wish this on you I just need to know that its somewhat normal please and that in time it will relieve itself,I can barely move my head.Very heavy and lots of stiffness just feels like all my muscles in my head have gone haywire.

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  • Hi sweetdreams1234

    I am so sorry to read that you are still in so much pain and suffering so horrendously. I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

    Motrin is a US / Canada brand name for Ibuprofen, so I do not know if you live in Canada or US or, are in the UK and this is just the brand name of your Ibuprofen? This is an anti-inflammatory drug that you should not take on an empty stomach or overdose with as it could be very dangerous. I do not know how much you are prescribed to take so I have pasted you a link to the Ibuprofen dosage page on NHS Choices, it will tell you how many mg you can safely take. But please do not take more than the prescribed dosage:

    I have also pasted you the NHS Choices information page on Ibuprofen, so you can read the types of pain it will address and check if it is right for what you are going through:

    I genuinely hope that you GP appointment goes well for you and that you can find some long term medications that will help you with your pain levels. I have also pasted you the link for FibroAction page on Fibro treatments:

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks ken

    Not to worry my friend I'll never take more than prescribed by Dr's as much as its so difficult at times you feel Luke you need moteci can't wait until Wed for appointment I'm not leaving till I'm heard and understood and have some meds to help me or something to help me out.

    Thanks ken For the support may you have a great sleep oh and by the way I'm in Canada. How about you.???

  • I am in the UK, however, a part of me wishes I was in Hawaii at the moment!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Mine hurt so bad I had to go the the ER. Then I started seeing a pain specialist. It made a world of difference. I was so bad my body wouldn't allow me to lay my head on a pillow. It was in knot's. Hoping this helps sweetheart!!!! xxxx Mitzi

  • Thanks so much this fibro family is amazing you all are my lifeline ..I'm so blessed to have you all.guess what .I finally slept last night 8 whole he's I believe the massage I got helped..I don't remember even going to sleep either that or my body was hurting so much from the day before it just said enough today I'm very stiff my head is tight and have slight headache like stiff head pain ..thanks again mitziblue you've been very helpful now I know imnot alone..may I ask what do you do for the head pain?or do the pain meds that you take on a regular basis work just wondering. I only have Advil or Tylenol for the moment it is like candy so don't want to much of that more damage than good Thanks Barbie.

  • Hi sweetdreams1234

    That is wonderful to hear that you got a good quality sleep! I genuinely hope that this keeps up for you.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thanks ken

    I even got a new doctor and I'm so Happy I see her again on the 23rd.My daughter even came along with me for support something I would have never placed on my children but I'm so glad I opened up to her and this new Dr it was great still working on a cocktail that will work but she gave me some tapes and its going good .today I have tmj pain really bad and have a massive headache but I'm much more positive now that I have you all here and a Dr that is willing to work with me

    Hugs thanks Guy's.

  • I am also having severe neck pain and awful headaches. When I try to turn my neck, it makes a noise which I can only describe as 'like the noise make when you screw up a sheet of paper' if that makes any sense. I am well stressed at the moment due to having had my ESA stopped, without being given any information about it, and my application for appeal has been refused.

    I have been told that if my health has deteriorated, I can reapply for ESA, but the fact is, my health HAS deteriorated, so much so that I just don't have the energy to do anything about it.

    I am going to see CAB next month, as I am just too ill to be able to fight to get something done about it. I wish whoever it is who made this decision could spend 48 hours in my body, just so's they know exactly what fibromyalgia pain and disccomfort feels like. I am fortunate enough to have been awarded rent and council tax benefits due to losing my ESA, which has softened the blow slightly, but this whole business has stressed me out so much, I am having trouble doing ANYTHING on most days.

  • Hi goodenuff

    Just a tip ..I had one about an hour ago the head and neck pain and its exactly the same .I use tiger balm on the nape of my neck by my eats and across the forehead it really helps to relax the muscles still I feel a bit nauseous and not up to par actually I'm in fibro fog land and texting pardon any incorrect spelling ..but I'm relaxing on the couch and closing my eyes with tiger balm hope this helps off to rest I go.again .

    Take care of you.hugs Barb.

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