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I feel like a fool!!!!

I too, like you guys have been sucked in by this scam. Fortunately I only ordered my 'trial' pack, whereby I only had to pay p&p, a week ago today so they still haven't taken any more money out of my account.

As the contact details provided by these websites (nutriberry slim & vitalcleanse) are bogus I'd go as far as saying they're fraudulent.

The card that I payed for the products with and unknowingly signed up for a membership with is with Natwest, who we all love and adore. I will be calling up the fraud team today to cancel any recurring payments from the company that have previously taken money out (amounting to around £10). My boyfriend who works for another high street banking group, assures me that they should be able to do this. And if they start banging on about how it's your fault because you entered your card details and signed up for it, you tell them you were mislead and that you cannot contact them to prevent it from happening as the contact info available for them is invalid. If they still refuse to do anything, then they clearly don't value you as a customer, so is it really worth banking with them? If other banks can stop a recurring payment, then as far as I'm concerned Natwest should be able to too! So, if they say they can't do anything to prevent these scam artists from taking money from account, I don't really want them to have my business, and therefore plan on closing my account with them. This is drastic, but is an option.

I will post back with a result. Regardless, those thieves won't be getting a penny more out of me.

Oh, and a week on, I still haven't received my trial pack, but started weightwatches and lost 5lbs.

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I'm so sorry you too have been sucked into this ghastly scam Beccabobs, if you look below at the "Read Next" section you will be able to see how many people have been caught out by it.

I was caught too, very early on and ended up closing the account they were trying to take funds from.

I wish that someone could actually take them to court and stop this insidious scam once and for all, but they're all over the internet, so they must be making a fair mint. Trading standards would have a hay day if they ever actually got hold of them !!

Foggy x


Hi Beccabobs

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you have also been conned by this awful deceit, but please do not be too hard on yourself about it. Many people have been conned as these nasty schemes are so believable.

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Not for this but for something else a long time ago I also fell for one of these scams, as it was the card & not my bank account details they had I merely called my bank & said I had damaged my card by sitting on it in the back pocket if my jeans, card cancelled on spot & new card with obviously new number issued within a few days, just something to concider if you think bank may be awkward, it certainly did trick for me hope you are able to sort this out & don't lose any money to these vile people, needless to say my habit of just ticking saying I had read T & C's ended that day & now no matter how long I start to read them if they get too complicated or feel wrong in any way I decline the offer software etc or whatever the thing is Karen x

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I had this problem, though not with the same product...it was dead sea wonder cream. I'm still wondering what all the fuss was about! They wanted to charge me £90 a month and I emailed them with very strong words. They asked me to send the product back - at my own expense, which I did, but as it had to be sent back to Israel it cost me over £9 to do so. But this was a lot cheaper than the alternative. It's not fair that these companies can carry on doing this!! But I have seen the raspberry ketones thing on a well known on line shopping site for about a fiver!! XX


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