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Finding Info on the FibroAction.HealthUnlocked Community

If you have a question or want to see if anyone else has had the same issue as you, then it is a very good idea to first do a search. That way, if someone has already asked a question and had it answered, you can find all those responses and then add to them if you wish. Doing this will also help make the Questions section less confusing because of multiple posts on the same topic. The search box is in the top right-hand corner of your screen. As with any search engine, it is best to stick to key words or phrases - e.g. "amitriptyline" rather than "has anyone else been prescribed amitriptyline".

Tagging is another way that should help people find blog posts and questions on certain topics, especially as the community grows.

Tags are words or very short phrases that describe what you have been posting about - e.g. if you were asking if anyone had been prescribed Amitriptyline for Fibro, you might add the tags "amitriptyline" "fibromyalgia (fibro/fm/fms)" "medications". If a tag already exists, then it should be suggested as you type. There is a box to enter tags below the box where you write your blog post or type your question.

When you go the Questions section, you should see a box on the right (you may have to scroll down) that is labelled "Popular tags in Questions". There is the equivalent in the Blogs section too. You can also see what tags have been used by clicking on the Tags tab near the top of the screen. If you then select a tag, it will bring up all the content that has been given that tag.

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I am going through some of the blog posts and questions and adding tags in, just while people get to grips with this new format community. If anyone disagrees with any tags I add to your blog post or question, just edit the post yourself and change them.


Thank you for a greatly useful post. I appreciate your work. never understood what tags were about.


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