Hells Grannies (with a fag and trainers???)

Hells Grannies (with a fag and trainers???)

Found this amusing as I know of a young girl who is 5ft nothing and rides a large bike, she looks so lost on it a bit like grannie here who I can't see her holding the handlebars let alone trying to ride it. (If she is your grannie or mum or wife, sorry). Not to sure if that is a bracket below the pillions seat or the proverbial two finger salute.

When I was a lad (had to be said) we had a friend, well one of the crowd who was short and had his Triumph cut down by a couple of inches so he could ride it better. Would not happen today what with the elf and safety lot.

Also as a reminder, do not eat to much chocolate as it really does affect the Fibro, arthritis and pain etc. etc.etc. Apart from that have a good Easter. Remember it is not the chocolate it is a religious holiday be it Christian, Jewish or Muslim.

Must say thank you for the edit facility as it allows me to rewrite the things I have spelt wrong and just messed up in general.

Anyway Take great care and kindest regards.


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  • No, I disagree with you on this one! It is about eating as much chocolate as I possibly can in as short a time as I possibly can! hehehehehe!

  • Ken! Wash your mouth out with chocolate flavoured soap :P

  • Happy easter Terry . Thank you for making me laugh xx

  • happy easter terry i get a good laugh at all your funny pics etc xx

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