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Just Enough

Just Enough

I am truly fed up just gruelling along. The pain is relentless. I have lots of things to be thankful for but sometimes even with calm meditive reflection they just don't motivate the spirit. Me and the spirit is seriously flagging. So is man with a backpack full of Library books. However!!!

My fog filled brain has spotted a book called. Success with Fushias which I have added to his load.

After working our way through a list of errands and with every step wilting and disappearing into myself. (Not a good place).

I am collapsed with my coffee and a large piece of Carrot cake now planning to spend money on a little darling called Pink Gallore. It seems the Spirit is not quite ready to fall flat on her face quite yet. She has quietly been working on our behalf. For for as I am penning this. Good friend J rings out of the blue and invites me to a demonstration on Flower arranging.

The Sprit has opened one eye and while she is lacking in sparkle and is not up to rock and roll, she has infused me with breath of fresh air.

True I need more of a gigantic gasp. But still.

Or is that the Caffiene?

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Big, gentle, hugs nedd. I too feel the spirit is weak, but not quite out for the count. Went back to my second tai chi class this week after it being recomended by a fellow fibromite last week. All the time I was getting ready, the body was trying to make me late, tempting me with ideas of how I normally spend my morning- images of coffee & tv went thru my head - but I made it to the class,and not only did I enjoy the gentle exercise, but also the welcome and warmth of fellow health sufferers. So it is important to keep the spirit and hope it helps the body keep going. Gentle hugs, Julie xxxxx


Hi Julie how is the Tai Chi going. Good for you for making the effort. Just searching for the energy to put our foot forward takes huge resources before we even start. I love the idea. Years ago I went on a days taster session with a guy called Sid. I then tracked down a video. You have reminded me. Thanks. Alas I no longer have the video.


Hi nedd

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling down at the moment! And I genuinely hope that things start to turn a corner for you soon. I think we all go through this with the pain, I think it is par of the course with us Fibromites.

Take care of yourself



How is you mate? It's not an easy lot is it? Hey ho. Have a good evening.

I wonder if there will be a pretty sun set. New day tomorrow.

May we all find one thing to keep us smiling.

Bet it will be foggies funny frame.


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