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USA Member, Would love to stay on as a reader of this site. Thank you.

Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to this community. I have been reading along on

this website for both RLS and Fibro. I live in the USA. I've been an active member

for both groups in the USA. Someone told me to look on HU Fibro to get some

better ideas and that it's a far more informational, friendly and offers a chance to

get my Fibro questions answered by experienced people. I just wanted to let you

know that this site does have a good reputation in the USA and I'd like to stay on

it if you don't mind a USA member. Thanks Jaynielynne

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Welcome Jaynielynne,

Of course you can stay! People from all areas of the world come on this site. Where abouts in the USA do you live? I've always wanted to visit but I've never had the chance, I'm only 19.

I hope this website gives you everything you need. :) People are free to ask questions or rant anytime.

Gentle hugs and healing sparkles,

wanderingwallflower xx


Welcome Jaynielynne


Hi Jaynielynne

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is an honour to meet you. I am so delighted that you like our site here, and that it is held in such good regard in the states.

I genuinely look forward to bumping into you around the site..

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


thanks ken. warmest wishes for you as well.


I would love to go to the USA!! Where about are you from? Is that your dog in the picture?

Anyway I hope your ok :)

Love from

Sam xxxxx


I would love to own this dog but I can't because it's my neighbors dog.

I live in Wisconsin. It's snowy and freezing here in the high teens. Spring is wonderful if it shows it's head this year. Sometimes we go from winter straight on through to a hot summer. (we miss spring) I would love to

see London.


Oh dear! I have just watched CBS News and you have more spring snow on the way! Hope that its not in your area?

Take care

Ken x


Welcome we all always happy to meet new people,and having people from abroad helps to widen our experience.

Have you seen the post that Hamble put up yesterday? It is only 3 posts down from yours. It is about claiming benefits in the us if you have fibro. I found it very useful although our system is different, I hope you do too. hugs sue xx


Hi and welcome hope you enjoy the site as there are all lovely people xx. Love bernadette xxx


Morning Jaynie,,

You are most welcome to join us as a reader an hopefully a contributor. We do have wonderful members from all over the world.

I have been a sufferer for well over ten years and a contributor for about two and half years the help, support, comfort an knowledge I have received has made my life far more bearable. This was because of the brilliant caring caring friends who support each other through thick and thin. So again welcome do join our family :)



Afternoon Gins. What a warm and wonderful welcome from you and others.


Can I add another rather late welcome to the site :-) I for one think it is one of the best possible sites both for information and support, together with a goodly sprinkling of humour, which we hope lifts peoples spirits. As gins says we stick with each other through thick and thin.......... I'm the thick and she's the thin....., seriously though, it is so true, this site brought me through this last winter which was horrid for me, had it not be for the daily contact and support of people here I think my life would have been hellish.

So welcome and do join us in support and fun too :-)

Foggy x


Welcome and gentle hugs, jaynielynne. It's a great site, full of helpful, caring and humourous people, I'm sure you'll fit right in. Julie xxx


welcome jaynielynne this truly is a great site for a good old rant ,advice and plenty of humour in pictures ,poems and more. gentle hugs.xx


Hiya jaynielynie from Billie I live in Aberdeenshire I am english but moved to scotland 11 years ago . I am 49 and a bit years old oh I mean young lol ! , I am a auxiliary nurse at our local cottage hospital . I have two horses Hilda and folly and lots of we doggies , we live in a croft . I have fibromyalgia and had it for many years but only just been diagnosied . Most days are very painful but hey what can you do apart from take your meds . Feel free to speak day or night , that goes for anybody please :-) would be nice to speak to someone who is going through the same and who understands . Hope everybody has a great day today :-) . Xx Billie oh I am female Billie lol


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