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Hello new here wanted to know if this is fibro related?

Hi everyone was hoping someone can help me out. :) I was on the depression page when someone recommended I ask here as it sounds fibro related: this is what I posted there:

Hi I am new here to this forum. I'm here suffering from depression and health anxiety. I am more in a rut thinking these could be my last few days and I'm constantly crying. My right knee had been hurting so I went to the doctors and they told me It might be a torn ligament in the knee. on the arch of my foot I have swelling a ball almost that's hard and is constantly tingling/itchy feeling especially in the swelling I have there. they told me it "might" be do to the knee joint that's inflamed causing the adjoining joints to become swollen as well. I heard that when it's vein related swelling is hard so I'm here thinking I have a dvt in my foot and these doctors are just guessing. They will check me again once the swelling goes down. Oh and I experience sharp jabs of pain behind my right breast which they say pulmonary emboli have a tendency to do that. The tingling in the arch is non stop now and I'm wondering is it my head? Is it me focussing on it causing this? I get depressed thinking I might die on my kids (I have 4). Doctor told me a depressed mind can be powerful to make any symptom real. What do you think dvt or mind? I know this is long, I'm sorry :(

Thank you for your time

<3 hyp

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Hi, I don't know if it would be fibro t

Related, one of the other folks could set you right or point you in the right direction. I get stabbing pains in my breast intermittently and have been advised that but is fibro. Is the k

Lump on your foot warm? Apparently a DVT will be warm as well as painfull. Depending on what medication that can cause the viensvto swell. I hope that is a little helpful. Oh and welcome to the forum :)


Thank you for answering.

It's not warm to the touch I feel this electric feeling in my arch all the time it does get worse when I stand.


Hi Hypoc007

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you have been left with such confusion to go along with your pain, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

What you have describe could easily fit the Fibro mantra, however, it could also fit many other medical problems, so it is not going to be a quick road to a diagnosis unfortunately. I do have an idea for you? I was wondering if you have a good GP who listens to you?

If so, go and discuss with your GP everything that we have discussed and ask him / her to send you to see a Rheumatologist and they can perform a 'Tender Point Test' on you. I have pasted the FibroAction page for this below:

If you wanted, you could print it off and take it with you if your GP is receptive to you? It is an efficient way to get some answers to your question.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


just hoping all goes well for you, hugs sue xx


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