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Thought this was funny and then realised life hasn't changed much!!

Most irritating moment - morning alarm

Most difficult task - to find socks

Most dreadful journey - way to class (work)

Most lovely time - meeting friends

Most tragic moment - surprise test 1st period (meeting with boss 1st thing)

Most wonderful news - teachers absent (extra paid holiday given

Hope you get a chuckle as I did :)

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Hehehe good one :-) for certain the alarm for me, normally as it goes off only couple of hours after I've managed to get to sleep, hoorah for snooze buttons :d

Foggy x


Its the same for me, I hate the alarm :) shorter night tonight is that helpful or worse, personally I hate the time changes.

Susan xx


hehehehehe! That is really good, thank you so much for sharing this with us all.

Take care

Ken x


yes i agree this is really good thaks for sharing.x


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