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Worried ...... continued

I went to see my gp and after examinations she said I have a tremor which may be caused by anxiety/stress .I have been concerned lately about work but only slightly anxious.

She took 3 blood samples - damage to nerve endings and I cant remember what else but nothing major.

She asked if I had crawling sensations ect but I said no, as I have had previously but not when I have been jerking etc ( maybe I should have said ? was that relevant? )

She asked me to walk one foot in front of the other which I couldn't do , at which point I cried !

She prescribed beta blockers and amitrip to help me sleep and wants to see me again in a week.

The thing is , I have now developed an urge to move my legs and if I don't ,they jerk anyway! Also I now need to itch my leg and I do have crawling sensations.

I now think I may have RLS but not sure weather to go back to her and say ?Is your balance affected by RLS ?

My tremor has now settled down thank god !

Thank all of you so much for all the support. Don't know what I'd do without this site to turn to xxxxx

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Hi Larissa,

I am afraid I do not have RLS but I do know that you should have your iron levels checked if you think you do have it, as you may have iron deficiency.

When you say you could not walk one foot in fron t of the other - could you expand on how this was difficult for you?

For example, with me it is a case of balance and also of pain, and also of control of my legs. I am rather off balance at the moment - each step I take causes me pain in my back so I tend to wobble a bit - like walking on eggshells to protect my back, and there is also the issue of my legs twitching off in their own direction every now and then.

so for me it is a mixture of back pain and neurological symptoms that stop me walking in a straight line. It is rather frustrating - just walking from reception to the doctors office causes me so much pain I am ready to collapse when I get in there!

I am sure the other members or admins will be of more help, hoping you get a diagnosis and treatment plan soon, hang in there.

Big gentle Hugs,




For the same reason as you , apart from pain. They just shook! I couldn't balance so couldn't control walking in a straight line !

I will ask about my iron , thanks .

What were you told yours was ? iron deficiency ?

Thanks for the hug xx


Hi larissa

I am so sorry to read that you are still suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues. I have pasted you a link to NHS Choices relating to restless leg syndrome:

I really hope that your GP can help find an answer to your problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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