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Infection in my finger caused knee swelling ,heat & pain. Has anyone had something similar


I take levothyroxine 75mg and have a host of other health issues, which include - fibromyalgia, asthma osteoarthritis particularly knees. I recently got a burn on my finger which got infected & the doctor gave me antibiotics (clarithromycin) I began to feel swelling in my knees & they were on fire for two days, it felt like I could hardly walk as the aching in my legs made me feel ill & weak. Slowly over the following week it has improved. I am on last day of tablets. Has this happened to anyone? It has happened before when I have had an infection but never this bad (I am 53 female)

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Hi Castlepoint


I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you have been having this problems at this time. I have not personally experienced anything of this nature except for swelling caused by my arthritis.

I have pasted you a link for the NHS Choices website relating to this medication and it appears to be a thyroid drug. However, many medications are multipurpose.

I think it would be wise to discuss the issue with your GP in case you are experiencing an allergic reaction or just to make sure that nothing else is going on with this?

I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this problem.

All my hopes and drams for you

Ken x


Hi! I had very similar symptoms a few weeks ago and was advised to see my Dr asap!! This swelling in the knees was hot and tender and turned out to be celulitis!!! Which, if not treated with antibiotics can be quite dangerous..I will never just presume that everything is fibro related after that! If you can get to see your Dr in a couple of days to check it out, I would. Mine is fine now after the antibiotics.. Much


Thankyou, I hope that you are fine now. I finished the antibiotics I was taking for my finger yesterday and the joint pain is a lot better today. It did slowly improve over the course of tablets ( which I was taking for an infection in my nail bed on my finger) All I can think is that the infection was going round my body to affect my knees like that. If I went to the Docs now there is nothing really that bad except for some swelling over my knees.

Take Care

El x


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