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Has anyone had this strange sensation in their spine?

Was in the kitchen making yorkshire puding & my lower back began to feel like it was stiffening up. Stretched it out, then did some washing up. The feeling then started moving up my back until it felt like there was a board stuck to my spine from the bottom right up to my shoulder blades. Am sitting resting now, wondering what happened, don't want to move in case it happens again, plus, the pain is moving up from ignorable & I'm beginning to think that I'm gonna have to take one of my codeines. Anyone had anything like this before, anything I could ask my gp about when he phones tomorrow? Gentle hugs, Julie xxx

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Hi Julie, I'm sorry you have had such a very nasty and frightening experience. I haven't experienced exactly the same thing but have had muscle spasms of my entire back which may be similar to a degree, and extremely painful :o. I think you should describe your symptoms exactly as you have written it here and ask his advice about what he would like you to do, be it to get stronger and perhaps muscle relaxing meds, and also if some form of physiotherapy might be useful.

I'm sorry not having more advice, but I am sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x

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Hi Julie

I have similar and when it first started I thought it was bad posture and what with working standing up and having to stoop slightly for the sink etc I paid great attention to my posture and did various back exercises, all of which helped.

Hopefully you will not have any serious problem but most common is bad posture and that leads to cramps etc up and down the spine.

When you speak to your Dr ask for an spine X-ray or if possible an MRI so you know what actually is the problem, it could be anything from a muscle cramp to a sciatic problem so get in quick, my wife had her spine go at the sciatic nerve and they put in little rubber type buffers between her spinal layers (I am not good with proper names of these things) and they keep the spine in its proper position. It was better than a spinal fusion which was another option.

Get some decent pain killers as sometimes the normal stuff does not do anything to help the pain as it is spinal and normal stuff does not touch the pain.

Sorry for going on but I think people leave back pain to long and this makes things worse.

Take Care and Kindest Regards



Hi Julie63

I am so sorry to read that you are having this problem at the present time. I have suffered with something like this on occasion, so I can really sympathise with how you feel. My pain would eventually move in to my ribs and it was genuinely unpleasant.

Since I have being taking Nortriptyline, this pain is really under control. I do not know if this is something that you may want to discuss with your GP? As I do not know what drugs you are taking for your Fibro?

I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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