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Help us out and report abuse of this community

This community is growing really fast and we're learning as we go as the format is different to many other online communities. That may mean that some posts get missed by the FibroAction Admin team and the Moderator Volunteers.

One way that all of you can help us is by reporting any blog posts, questions or comments that you feel may have breached either the FibroAction or HealthUnlocked Guidelines for the use of this community.

On every blog post or question, there should be a 'Report' button below the title, probably towards the right of the blog/question area. If you click this, then both the FibroAction and HealthUnlocked Admin teams will be alerted.

Our guidelines (some of which expand slightly on aspects of the HealthUnlocked Guidelines) can be found here:


The HealthUnlocked Site Guidelines are linked to at the bottom of the screen, or can be found here:


Thanks for helping us out! We want this to remain a supportive and helpful community for all.

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Where do i gind the spoon theory


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