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what amonth

well hello everyone ope you all feeling the best you can. I have been reflecting on the last month what with a nasty viirus that knocked the hell out of me and i had a week of work, i have now had a severe water infection.

but still managed to get to work, as i do believe that when you are ill or disabled , you try and work harder as you feel that you need to prove you can do your job even if you are labelled disabled.

Does anyone else feel like this or, is it just me, i feel like i am hanging on by my nails so i try and see more patients try to do more for the Drs in my surgery just because i do not want to lose my job. However I am probably making myself ill, its like a vicious circle.

sorry moan over take care

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Hi ang53

I am so sorry to read that you have been really struggling this last month, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

It really must be very stressful trying to struggle on when you get extra medical problems cropping up, so please do not apologise as you are more than welcome to post a good moan and I promise when I come online I will read and answer!

Take care my friend

Ken x


Thank you ken x


Hi there, I feel exactly the same as you about work and can really sympathise. I feel under the same pressure, which I think I put on myself to prove I can carry on. Most days I struggle and come home totally exhausted. I have the complication of two unsympathetic colleagues who can be quite cruel if I don't keep up, so mostly I end up doing more than them! Unsure how long I can carry on. I work in hospital pharmacy which is always busy. I try not to rush as for me that's the worst thing. Easier said than done tho. Also I try and have a quiet lunch time and do some relaxing breathing, this when I can manage it helps with the stress a little. Take care, love kath. X x


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