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Where did the time go????????????????????????

Lol my son popped out at 5pm last night and i was feeling a little bit chilly laying on the sofa so i put a throw over me and the next thing i knew the the lights went on and my son was home before i knew it..... 3hours I'd slept!!!

As always i went to bed at 9pm and did'nt sleep again till 2am....... I'm going to stay away from the sofa today i would'nt mind but since my flare showed its face again i dont think i've slept more then a few hours a night...I'm looking really bad my body hurts and i wish i could do all the housework, cut the grass cook a fabulous dinner have a long soak in the bath with candles all around me and a glass of wine, Well we know thats not going to happen but maybe soon I'll be back to being the old me who did all these things and worked full time, lol the worst thing is that i'll put my make up on struggle to the shops bump into someone and the first thing they say is YOU LOOK SO WELL...

For an illness no-one can see it really does change your life.

Sending you all soft hugs xx

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Hugs. If we had a visible indication of health problems, we'd get sympathy but hidden health issues never do. If only they understood.




Hi bren876

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? I genuinely hope that you can manage to do all the things that you used to love doing. It might take a while but please believe that one day you will be able to do them again!

I know what you mean about people saying how well you look! I haven't been in this much pain in a while and I was trying to push my wife in her wheelchair, and two people have said that I am looking so well, I could have cried!

Take care my friend

Ken x


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