Fibro fog!

Fibro fog!

I have to be patient waiting for my brain to redevelop. Got to Breast screening clinic this morning, no parking so daughter dropped me off, good job she drove around and came straight back, the clinic was not there any more, I had not noticed the map on the back of the letter showing new location, daughter says I am special and she is having me put away!!!!!!!

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  • Aw sophie :) in that case we're all special and we'll meet in the special place later for coffee :)

    Fluffie hugs on their way to you :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Sophie I don`t know weather you read the bit I put in about using NHS hospitals , clinics ect out side of your area. Being on the borders of Sandwell,Birmingham and Dudley. We could be sent to any one of half a dozen different hospitals. Weeelll twice. not once but twice I have got hubby to drive me to the wrong hospital for

    tests. :)

    Now he won`t take me anywhere without seeing written proof of where I have to go and the time of the appointment. :O :P :P :P sue

  • Gentle hugs. You are not alone ! :-)



  • Bless your heart, I love this! If you,re going to a place for special people, can I come? Xx

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