FibroAction HealthUnlocked Guidelines have been updated - Please read

FibroAction HealthUnlocked Guidelines have been updated - Please read

Hello FibroAction Community Members,

Please note the updated FibroAction Guidelines, these decisions have been made to benefit the community as a whole.

We are continually making sure we are helping to keep the community as informative & supportive as possible so there are a few new guidelines, which we think will help safeguard the community.

In particular you will find Swearing is now not permitted and this is due to the difference of opinions from members from all walks of life what is offensive and what isn't. How do you draw a line? We are all different and what I might find offensive others may not, therefore if the word is disguised with 'Asterisks ( * )' it will be allowed.

To be honest we all know what it means so it really doesn't need to be said in full view in my opinion and this way we don't offend anyone as the words are politely & respectfully written in a way so they are disguised.

Thank You for reading

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator & Admin on behalf of HU.

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  • Thank you to all who worked on this. Having read it thoroughly I agree wholeheartedly with everything written and it makes complete and utter sense :-) thank you :-)

    Foggy x

  • fantastic sight a place for everyone xx

  • We are here to offer support not put people down . Let's all support each other on this journey of life

  • Good, I don,t like swearing.

  • Have read it and agree with all said

  • Totally agree. This is a support site and a brilliant one at that and keeping to the rules keeps it safe and pleasant for us all.



  • Hi Emma

    I totally agree with the swearing (even though I have done the disguise of the word) and will not be doing it as I realise that as you say we do have people from all walks of life and we do not know their beliefs and religion or anything about them apart from that they are suffering with pain and (possibly as some have the symptoms but no formal diagnosis) Fibro.

    Take care and kindest regards


  • Thank You for all the support so far :)

    What a great informative & supportive community we all belong to, where we all respect each other :)

  • have read it and agree with all said this is agreat support site .

  • Read and agree!

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