Oh dear!.....Another form to fill:'(

I have just received the pip form to fill in!!!! I have sat and tried to read it through first, which is something my Dad always told me to do!! However, I'm finding everything so overwhelming at the moment and I'm sat here in tears(again). I know there have been lots of posts on here about it, but I would Welcome any advice again as I've forgotten most of it!! Thanks..xx

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  • Sorry to hear you're struggling with the form.

    They certainly don't make things easy for us do they?

    I'm pretty sure that if you message mdaisy she can send you some links to help you.

    Don't forget to take a photocopy of your form before you send it off, as the DWP seem to be very good at losing things.

    Keep your chin up

    BM xx

  • Hi there,

    I totally understand what you are going through and it is very perplexing. My advice would be to go to your local CAB who are very well versed with filling in these forms, I did with my DLA form and they also helped with my ESA form too. I think they know how to word things so that they get the best possible result for you.

    Hope this may have been of some help :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hello Ninjananna,

    Please do email FibroAction directly for some information which may help you to complete your forms, info@fibroaction.org

    This help from FibroAction may help to reduce the stress you experience and the impact it has on your symptoms. Please see the link below;


    You've had good advice already as the Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) are very helpful with completing applications however you also may wish to also consider finding out if there is an Advocacy service near you usually associated with the charity MIND. Please see this post about Advocacy for further information;


    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Thanks so much guys!! I feel a bit better already, have had a look at the link Emma and will follow this up! My cab is very local, so might pop into them as well. Thanks again.. :-)

  • No problems, this is what the community is about supporting one another as we all live with Fibro :)

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