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Well that's what I tend to call it anyway because that's how it feels. Squinky. I was trying to work out why I'm so tetchy today and I've really that my hypersensitivity has hit the roof today. It's hard not to be cranky when even your clothes are hurting you. I've taken off all my bracelets, my ring etc but when you're at work you can't just get naked and try not to move. Well you could but I think they might take my CRB away. Does anyone else get crazy hypersensitivity days? What to you tend to do to combat it?

Warm and fluffy feelings



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Hi Jigwam

I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling they way you do at the moment. I know its really not easy and as you have already said yourself, that there is no answer as you simply can't lose your clothes if you want to keep your job! I get like this quite often and I truly understand how grinding and annoying it is. I wear much lighter clothes at home but this time of year you have to wrap up when you go out.

I sincerely hope that you can find some relief from your situation soon.

Take care

Ken x


Morning Jigwam,

So uncomfortable I bet you wish you were on some balmy beach in the tropics! Then you would be too hot !

I find it is the heat that makes me uncomfortable. I would love to be able to strip and run about in the all together fortunately we don't get the weather (and the world is not quite ready for me :D)

Sorry for being flippant I do so understand where you are and hope you feel tons better today!



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