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WEEBLES: Some fun for Sandra: wishing you a weebly rather than wobbly birthday

WEEBLES: Some fun for Sandra:  wishing you a weebly rather than wobbly birthday

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down

Weebles are around,

Don't fall down

Weeble wobble, Weeble wobble,Weeble wobble,Weeble wobble,

Weeble wobble,Weeble wobble,

Don't fall down.

Weebles is a trademark for several lines of children's roly-poly toys originating in Hasbro's Playskool division on July 23, 1971. Tipping an egg-shaped Weeble causes a weight located at the bottom-center to be lifted off the ground. Once released, gravitational force brings the Weeble back into an upright position. Weebles have been designed to have a variety of shapes, including some designed to look like people and like animals, among others.

There should be at least one that looks like me :O !! LOL

Weebles trivia

The 70's TV adverts and other advertising for Weebles featured the catchy and lasting phrase "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!", a phrase which has been reused as a lyric by a band called Lawnmower Deth in their song of the same name!

The name Weebles is also used as a derogatory name for the Ole Miss athletic teams (University of Mississippi).

Hope you enjoyed the nostalgia Sandra :D :p :D

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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Would you look at that............. i got videos onto my post !?! How did that happen?


My children had weebles. my sons favouite was the fire engiene .that was very clever of you Zeb I`mstill struggling with pictures and its rather foggy today,...sue


Simple adore Weebles my son had a sort of track and they went up and wobbles down brilliant!!


This made me chuckle zeb :) I wish I had one as a kid but don't remember them but then again I wasn't born till 1974 hehe :D Now kids have play mobile people xxx


Oh my word, :D ....... Pip and I refer to my delightful landlady as 'the weeble' hehehe - the only difference being she does fall down !! :o :o

Foggy x


I was once called Weeble. Can't think why ;)


Thank you Sian! We had weebles inc the one at the top right of the advert!

My brother put it in the budgie's cage. The budgie biffed it then pushed it under his water dish so he couldn't see it when he was in the cage! It was so funny as it. kept wobbling, but he persisted. :) when dad took it out, he put the weeble on the window ledge - budgie shot straight out to knock it off! 'Memories..."


Happy Birthday :)

That's quite cute LOL

Our cat used to love them.......... I'd giggle for ages watching him play with one.

We had the one in the top right and we had a girl one too!

Birthday fluffies on route............ these ones giggle a lot !!!

:) xxxsianxxx :)


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