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if anyone wants to know how to help themselves and find out that oxygen deficient bodies contribute to fibro contact me

i am not allowed to put the link here but it may be very beneficial to you

i have posted this link on main posts of tuk site 2 days ago, it is under DR. ali fibro and oxygen, i am not good at moving stuff around or writing pasting and all that , i cant remember the actual link cos i am on the computer and i need to see the link, but cant do both at the same time, please log on the thyrroid community and it is there , if you find it please let me know so that i know you have got it- it may well help you , let me know if you find the link and let me know if you have a problem, get back to me, ok. it would be so helpful if i could just post the link and done with it like our charity thyroid uk allows. this is all about helping people to feel well. or i wonder if you could ask daisy, she will lhave the link now, but i dont know how to group post. if daisy hasnt got it i will have to think how else to post it to you, or google dr ali fibro, it will come up. now that is a good idea, why didn ti think of that.

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Hi, I'm new to this site but have been diagnosed with 18/18 fibro for the last 6 years. I'm really keen to find out more about oxygen deficient bodies so would be grateful if you could link me to the site. Many thanks.


dont no what this is but i have obstructive sleep apnea (was told as i wasnt overweight is heridatry) but since using my cpap mask having air all the time when im asleep has helpyed my fibro not sure if its the same thing your on about or not


what is obstructive sleep apnea, i have awful sensations that build inmy head so it feels like my head will explode wakes me constantly very painful, what is your mask for sweetie?


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