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Hi y'all! Long time no see...


This is a link to a report about a recent study in Vienna on vitamin D for FM... important to read it all and see a doc about it, though, before rushing (oh yeah?!) to the supermarket health aisle or chemist...

no harm in getting out there for some daily sunlight on your face now is there?! ok, daylight. even if it is raining ;)

but then again maybe this is old news? hope everyone is still there and breathing, and a happy new year!!! :)

soft fluffy hugs Frangi xxx

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Hi Franji, I've heard about the links before, what I'm just wondering to myself foggily, it would be interesting to know the occurrence of fibro in countries where there is year round sunshine (lead me to it :D :D ) hhhmmm (Potters off to do a tad of research>>>>>)

Foggy x


Thank you for this article,funny enough I was thinking of taking a supplement as my vitamin D levels were only just slightly under.Happy new year to you too xxx


Hello Frangi-pan, nice to see you!

Funnily enough we've been talking about Vitamin D as there was an article on Arthritis Research UK, here's the post if you would like to read;


Good Advice about checking with your GP too. I would always suggest considering discussing supplements with your GP as some medications have interactions with Vit D supplements and some conditions they may advise not to take them;

Cautions when taking vitamin D supplements

Care is needed with vitamin D supplements in certain situations:

*If you are taking certain other medicines: digoxin (for an irregular heartbeat - atrial fibrillation) or thiazide diuretics such as bendroflumethiazide (commonly used to treat high blood pressure). In this situation, avoid high doses of vitamin D, and digoxin will need monitoring more closely.

*If you have other medical conditions: kidney stones, some types of kidney disease, liver disease or hormonal disease. Specialist advice may be needed.

*Vitamin D should not be taken by people who have high calcium levels or certain types of cancer.

*You may need more than the usual dose if taking certain medicines which interfere with vitamin D. These include: carbamazepine, phenytoin, primidone, barbiturates and some medicines for the treatment of HIV infection. (Patient.co.uk)


Hope this helps

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi Emma,

I never knew that high doses of vitamin D and bendroflumithiazide needed to be treated with caution. I was never monitored when I was on both.




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