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Channel 4 News - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome ****Please note some viewers may find distressing

Anyone living with Fibro will relate to this very poignant report of CRPS, as we live like this everyday too. Please spread awareness about Chronic Pain Syndromes - The PAIN we feel is REAL !!!

A little hope we & others with Chronic Pain Syndromes like Complex Regional Pain Syndromes (CRPS) will get more understanding, please share, tweet, blog etc.

Let's get this much needed awareness out there!

Well Done Paige for raising awareness & your family for showing such private moments, that actually show the condition at it's worst



For information about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome;



#crps #chronicpainsyndromes #raisingawareness #fibro #fibrosymptoms

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Oh...My...Word ... what an incredibly brave girl Paige is and how eloquent ! At first when she was speaking there she was smiling and looking ok, but I noticed as time went on the smile dropped and I could see she was struggling against tears. For a girl so young to face a life ahead of her knowing that she is going to be in constant pain and yet be as philosophical as she is is incredible. I was in tears by the end of it, at the moment there are no drugs that help her, there is research being done, but not yet coming up with anything.

Thank you M for putting this up, it makes me feel guilty for feeling sorry for myself when one so young can face life in a wheelchair, unable to be the girl she was and losing her friends as a direct result of the condition.

I am astonished and will try and make people more aware of all of us who daily suffer with chronic pain.

What an amazing girl Paige is and I really admire what she did !!

Foggy x

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Many thank you's for this. I must admit that I am moved beyond words by this. She is an inspiration.

Thank you

Ken x

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Have to say that my chronic fibro or thats what they think it is, feels exactly the same as what this child describes. What an intelligent girl to be able to explain such complicated feelings. Amazing how she copes everyday not having the drugs we take. Bless her.


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