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if anyone fancies a stand with boards out side downing street i am up for it


i am so sick of doctors NOT LISTENING TO THEIR PATIENSTS AND PATIENTS BEING FOBBED OFF i am up for a massive confrontation outside parliament but not on my own!

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Hi Petalls

Would def be up for it if I was able. Hope you get some takers.

Take care. xx

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What did I say the other day about books??? LOL the feeling must be catching :o xx

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books zeb?

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Ah! books :) The eye doc that didn't make eye contact -

I was having a long moan the other day and decided that if every one of the 9000 members here wrote a snippet of their day, feelings, difficulties etc we could publish them into books and send them to Parliament................

............... sadly they probably wouldn't even get glanced at which is very sad :(

I feel your frustration and anger Pettals and at times have also felt it. There are many members here that are going through it right now too.

I would love to tell you what I really think but we're not allowed to incite certain behaviours or protests, or discuss politics so I can't. I like to try putting those kinds of energies into Fibro awareness through other means instead :)

You can see a different doctor next time and

you could also write a complaint to your local MP if you want to help make policy changes and also there are a variety of petitions floating about too with respect to wanting policy changes. Without signatures they won't get looked at!!

xx sian

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hi lyn yes i will struggle, i am so tired,weak and cannot stand for more than a few minutes before i have to sit..... but i am so fed up with the arrogance of doctors and the red tape as to WHY THEY CANT SEE WHAT IS STARING THEM I THE FACE... sorry caps were on..

I understand how you're feeling.London is a very long way away from me down in Cornwall and I sometimes struggle to leave the house, let alone go all that way! WIsh I had the energy and the confidence too. We all need to stand up for ourselves but with this condition it robs us of not only our health, but our self worth. We all look at ourselves and start to believe the things we are told (lose weight, stop being lazy, it's all in your head....).

Do look for petitions available to sign online and definitely write to your local MP if the actions of a professional are in question. Not that I have any faith in our current government, but we must at least try to work with what we currently have and vote against those that do us no good.


writing is a waste of time i wrote letters and sent them with awful pictures of myself to andrew langsley when he was in, cameron, no 10 no 11 and my own mp. nothing was done writing is pointless, action is better

Hi Petalls

Would deffo join you, Someone needs to take notice

Take care x

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Really really wish I could join in. I think it's a great idea. At the moment I am just going from bed to sofa to bed. Would love to get out the door. I hope people will want to join in if they are up to it. There must be something we could do. What about contacting some area of the media to have a chat. Does anybody have any contacts who might be interested in doing a programme on fibro or lupus or any related illness? Good luck Petalls. xx

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yes thanks, a lot are up for it some arent but we nee dto hiligh this , with yyroid and adrenals all connected.i spent 3 yaesr on ny sofa/bed/bed sofa with adrenal crisis no one bloodycared or evnen wante d to know!

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Good luck dearie..