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Am I about to have a flare?

On Tuesday night I was up all night as could not sleep I finally managed at 3am to sleep but then was up at 5 wide a wake. This is not like me I'm normal really sleepy by 6 and that's with having a nap in the afternoon. Today I have gone the other way I have been asleep most of the day. I have no energy, my legs are even more painful, my memory is really bad and my brain isn't functioning well. I had my last flare in October but I just remember wakeing up in the morning and feeling so unwell I spent 3 days in bed. Could this be the on set of a flare? Are they all different?

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Good morning,yes it certainly sounds like a flare and mine have certainly differed in length and symptoms.Please take it easy and get as much rest as you need and can and pace your activities as well.I usually end up in bed and not even being able to wash etc.. For days.I had a really long flare a few months back that lasted for a few months.Ive just had one recently that lasted for a few days,it certainly seems as if I get them more frequently now :( I do hope that it doesn't last too long for you xxx


Thank u I'm trying 2 get as much rest as I can. I've just had a week off work and go back Tuesday I bet I end up getting it Monday. Hope u feel better soon (I know it's not possible) xxx


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