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having a wet room done

does anyone know if i can get temporary accomodation during my bathroom being converted,it will take 3 weeks,i am terribly worried about getting out of bed at 7.30 for 3 weeks,i have serious toilet issues i don't think i can cope with it all.they offered a camode,i said no,they offered a portotoilet,i am extremely worried i'm getting all agitated already,anyone know what i can do.jacksiex.

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Hi there

I don't know if you could be temp rehoused whilst doing a wet room. However, where I live in Derby I read in the local paper 2 years ago that tenants were being offered temp rehousing during renovation work whereby they fitted new kitchens and bathrooms. I don't know if this helps you at all? But it might be worth making inquiries if you are a social housing tenant.

Good luck with this

Ken x


3 weeks?? Crikey, my wet room was finished in 3 days! My bathroom is 18 ft long too! I was having a clos-o-mat shower toilet fitted, but they left this till last so that I was able to still have one through it all. Could you perhaps ask the workmen to do this for you too? Good luck, it's well worth the wait! X


i think i may have solved my problem,i had a call from person organising the work he has given me a number to contact,fingers crossed .i feel more relaxed now,thankyou for your replies,jacksiex.


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