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I have just put my name down for one in these courses at a local venue they are run by the local council for anyone with a chronic long term illness, sort of self management thing, it runs for six weeks for 21/2 hours a week, I don't think it's medical stuff but things like how to

cope with pain how to relax, exercise food etc, and how to deal with Doctors and hospital apps, I'm hoping it will help me cope more at least it'll be an afternoon out with people going through the same sort of thing as me, it's called an EPP course I think they do them all over the country. Going to give it a try anyway :-)

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  • Hi,

    that sounds good. I am going to see if our area has those groups. I did the pain management course which was great but it's how to deal with doctors, manage housework, etc that I think will help.



  • Hi Jilly, I live in Wales, but. they do them everywhere just type in EPP courses and your postcode and they will show any in your area, now is the time as the new courses will be starting soon. -:)

  • Thank you Jessam



  • Hi Jessam, thank you, never heard of these courses before. Checked online and as you say, these courses are available free of charge to all and on nhs website - you'd think GPs would make us aware! Unfortunately not available on my area yet, but I will keep checking. Thank you x

  • Hi, sorry there are no courses near you but as you say keep checking, you never know.

  • Hi jessam, I found out about EPP by accident. I have also enrolled for a local course, hoping it will help me cope better with FM. I hope you find it useful and helpful.

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