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I"ve been having really bad pain in my neck/shoulders for months, had physio which did nothing for it, waiting to get back to the Rheumy, I bought a box of thermal heat patches in the chemist last week and I found them really good especially when out and about, you can't really go out with a hot water bottle round your neck. can you? Lol. has anyone else tried these?

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  • Have u tried a tens machine i fund this helps x

  • Hi crissy, I bought a tens machine a few years ago but have since found out that if you have an irregular heartbeat which I now have you should'nt use one. -:(.

  • I love them - and you can buy them in the £1 and 99p shops too - just the same as the more expensive ones. It's great on my lower back when I'm exercising.

  • Hi there jess, I have tried them but didn't get on with the adhesive which is in the attachment dressing. I have found that wheat sacks which you heat in the microwave very useful, mine are leopard spotted so quite "trendy" , you can get different sizes and if you like thinks like lavender scents then you can get them infused with things like that. I get migraines from smells so I just have the plain ones. You have to use what works for you though at the end of the day and if the heat patches work for you, then that is great :-)

    Foggy x

  • I have several wheat bags too, but the patches are more convenient when you are out and about -:)

  • Yup I agree, but my skin doesn't like the sticky ony bits ;-) Glad they suit you though :-)

    Foggy x

  • I'm allergic to the adhesive too. Try micropore to stick 'em on with.

  • The ones I use for my back don't have attachment adhesive, they are in a cotton thing that fixes with a sort of weak velco but they seem to stay in place and they really keep warm for a long time.

  • Morning Jessam,

    Yes I use the heat patches when i am having particular problems with pains, usually shoulders and knees I find them very soothing. I also have a brilliant animal that you can take this bag out of his tummy zap it in the Micro bung it back in and way you go. Lovely and soothing for cuddles ! Mine is an Owl with attitude :D xgins

  • Hello Jessam,

    I find the heat packs really help, especially when I'm at work, they last the whole 12 hour shift :)

    C x

  • Foggy, you can get some patches that stick on to your clothing and not onto your skin, I have bought a few of them it will say on the packet which type they are. I prefer the ones on the skin but if they affect your skin the others would be ideal for you, I wear thermal vests !!!! -:) so I stick them onto that .

  • Yes, I have the heat pads for back pain, really good, especially for long journeys when as you say you can't use a hot water bottle. I look out for promotions - they were at half price in the chemist a couple of months ago - and then I stock up.

  • Wow, thank you both, the information about the attachable heat pads is great, sometimes when my neck and shoulders are really bad the weight of the wheat bags is too much, so this could be a wonderful solution. Many many thanks :-)

    Foggy x

  • I use the thermocare heat patches - I find they are useful, sometimes - you do need to make sure they are tightly fitted which I cannot do on my own - so need someone else to give me a hand with that - but they stay warm for a long time.

    I have tried other ones - and found the sticking mechanism on some to be superior to the thermocate which grip you like an old fashioned plaster (band aid) and area bit sore to get off, but the overall warmth they give is not like a good wheatbag.

    On the note of wheatbags - has anyone found one that does not smell? I have become particularly sensitive to smells and as I feel sick a lot of the time have to be careful as anything can set me off to be sick, and being sick is just a tremendous strain on my back... same old circles :-)

  • Have not tried these patches but i hsve been receiving myofacial treatment from a physio recently for my chronic neck snd shoulder pain an find it really helps, also spend lot of time with hotwater bottle round neck. In fact for xmas a friend bought me a terrific neck warmer and my daughter bought me a new water bottle, dressed like a penguin, she calls it Luke!

  • I too have recently tried heat patches. My neck and in between my shoulder blades have been so painful this week. A fibromyalgia physiotherapist recommended them so I tried for first time this week. I have found them to help most defiantly. I was surprised about how hot they feel for so long. So far so good for me

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