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Christmas Eve the decoration are up the tree is all a glimmer, I have even managed to get something for dinner!

Christmas Eve  the decoration are up the tree is all a glimmer, I have even managed to get something for dinner!

We are having a Turkey if it fits in the oven, If not it will find itself becoming just a Turkey breast. I can no longer struggle pulling it in and out, shaking the roasties, stirring the bread sauce. However, now I have helpers who willingly get in the way. In order to help make my day.

I would rather orchestrate the cooking then I don't wash up which is by far the worst bit even with a human dish washer.

I look forward to the deserts I am very very partial to puddings. We have cheese board with the cake and biscuits of I remember. There is a pudding for the wheat intolerant a pudding for the lactose intolerant and a pudding for anyone who fancies it. The yorkshire lot will have cheese with cake oh happy days. I shall not cook again for a couple of days which I love Cold meat salads and pickles -- all sorted :)

We do this for one day to celebrate the Love of Christ I hope people remember why. He taught us to love our fellow man and that is the creed I live by.

I will be in and out if any one needs an ear dont forget we are always here HAPPY CHRISTMAS


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Gins stop confusing me please,you say that you have some thing in for dinner ,then show the picture of a flower lol happy christmas sue


Braised amaryllis sue, haven't you tried it?? ;-) :o ;-)

Scrumdiddlyumptious especially with sprouts :D

Foggy x


Well, my Christmas dinner is going to be sautéed sprouts with pancetta and chestnuts...yum :-) with a tad of nutmeg...ooooo delicious ! Then a baked apple ..... Foggy is nothing if not a tad on the strange side with her tastes in her own food, however if I were catering for others it would be the full works, I just can't be bothered just for me !

Have a lovely Christmas gins! it will I hope be so delightful for you to have all your family around you and be celebrating properly. I'm trying to persuade the doglets to play games, but they don't seem to get the grip of it and just go and doze off again......boorrrinng :D :D

Foggy x


I agree! Have a lovely time.God bless you x


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