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Morning I Bring You delight and Christmas cheer It is only 4 sleeps Way to go!

Morning I Bring You delight and Christmas cheer It is only  4 sleeps    Way to go!

Happy Christmas to All my friends on the site.

Oh the Holy & the Ivy No wrong one

On the 10th day of Christmas my true love sent to me

How many witches does it take to change a light bulb?

Just One ut she changes it into a Toad!

There was a young Lady from Luton

Who purchased a bed called a Futon

Each night she retired

Oddly attired

With a shirt and a tie and a suit on!

What's two thirds of 99?

The ice-cream man's profit!!

What do you call a Monster with no Neck?

The lost Neck Monster

Whats big and yellow and eats rocks?

A big yellow rock eater

I realise you are all thinking I have lost the plot - aren't you?- Well could be right ! :) lots to do today So Have a good day bright and smiley :D xxgins

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Good afternoon gins,well actually I thought that you had lost the plot a long time ago lol :D Hope you get everything done that needs doing today xxx


Cheeky H!!! but yeah I'd agree with you.............. hahhhahahah

............... boinging off before gins catches me LOL


Good afternoon gins and thankyou for the daily festive jokes and cheer, once upon a time I'd have followed it with beer :( can't even have a glass of wine, never mind tomato soup is fine :D

:) xxxsianxxx :)


afternoon ginns :) i love reading yr jokes,i just cleaned my bathroom while hubby's out or he won't let me do it & now im in quite a bit of pain so thought id look on here,thanx ginns you really cheer me up :)x


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