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.. theoriginal "nightmare before Christmas"... me!

here is a tale from Christmas past, let me take you back in time when electric jaws was at the tender age of 5-6 yrs old in primary school, the nativity was to be rehearsed at my primary school ,the stage was set..we had practised for weeks and all the parents were there to watch the last rehearsal ...I was lead (female) shepherd and just seconds before I went on ,one of the kings kissed me, I was so outraged by this when I had worked so hard for this cameo appearance that I hit him with my crook and we both fell onto the stage ,me with my stripey bathrobe and tea towel on my head, and the king minus the crown crying and I hit him again with my crook,everyone in the audience was gasping and some laughing, so I got banished from the next days live performance....!!

however the next year I was made THE ANGEL GABRIEL" I WAS OVER THE MOON AS STARDOM BECKONED!!!, and as rehearsals got well underway, I was struggling a bit as I was small and the wings were the equivalent to the ones on "the angel from the north" sculpture, then one night when rehearsals finished I hung near the curtain where ladies of the village and the teachers were that helped with the costume making, when I heard one of the ladies who hadn't been in the village long asked why the wings for Gabriel were so bulky and big, and the teacher and two other women from the village laughed and told her what happened the previous year, and that is when I found out the truth, I had not been chosen for the part of angel Gabriel on merit alone ,it was to weigh me down so I could barely move and to rub salt into the wound ( some people don't forgive easily),right up til I went to secondary school I was always the angel Gabriel!! .. so by then I realised that the stage was not the place for me....

...last year I was talking to a old school friend who got back in touch with me and she ended up mentioning this to me ,we both burst out laughing as her sister is engaged to the" king" that I "crooked" and he still talks about it with a wry grin most Christmases!! ... GOD I have scarred that poor fellow actor for life!!...he is probably still having therapy!!

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Good afternoon,hehehehehehahahaha that made me smile! How aweful that they done that to you though! It's funny how certain things that happen in childhood can haunt us though,at least you can chuckle about it xxx


haribo 36 glad I made u laugh!! I am surprised they didn't suspend me from the school roof!! to keep me out of harms way!!


Thanks for lightening my morning with your glorious stage performance. I do hope No kings try to kiss you ever again!!

Never have I dreamed that the Angel Gabriels part -so to speak- could be used to keep a child in check LOL . Thanks for your memories. :) xgins


The best read. I thought it was the kids who were cruel not the staff.


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